18th LD Monthly Meeting: 9AM SAT 08/04/12

8AM — Executive Board Meeting

9AM — General Membership Meeting

Members may attend either, or both, meetings and join us for breakfast and/or beverage. Elected officials are always welcome and encouraged to attend the General Membership Meeting. Guests are also welcome to attend the General Membership Meetings.
Candidates Corner:

Near the beginning of the meeting, Scheduled Candidates and Campaigns are allotted 15 minutes for their campaign launch announcement or 5 minutes for subsequent updates and announcements. Unscheduled Candidates and Campaigns are allotted 3 minutes for announcements.

Guest Speakers need to schedule their attendance and they need to provide advance notice to the Chair, along with an agenda, by the Wednesday before the meeting. Guests speakers and presentations are subject to the approval of the Executive Board.

For the Good Of The Order comment sessions occur near the end of the and are limited to 3 minutes per speaker. The General Membership Meeting is generally adjourned before 11AM. A brief socializing time is held after the General Membership Meeting.

The Tri-MountainĀ Golf Course is a public golf course, owned by Clark County, and managed by Billy Casper Golf(r).